After a night a good food and fireworks, it was time for another island hopping adventure! Maui is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to visit.  it might be because this is my second time to this beautiful island in a month ... no complaints here.  I also get to go there in September to shoot a wedding! So stoked to be able to do another destination wedding, even if it is just on a neighbor island.

My best friend comes home every summer, and since this is her last break before grad school she wanted to go to Maui to see her extended family and ideally take her friend Lexy while she was in Hawaii visiting as well.  We hadn't set dates before I got an email from a family through my instagram, asking for photos on Maui.  It just so happened to work out perfectly, and we set dates to go the fourth of July weekend.

After we landed, we rented our car ... and by the way renting a car through costco is the best! it was roughly $35 a day! And you also get another driver on your plan for free.  So i'll be renting from them from now on ... oh and always check if the insurance you already pay for covers your rental car, mine did so we didn't have to pay for all that extra stuff they always try to get you to buy.

We found a cute little restaurant to eat breakfast at in the beautiful town of Paia. 

Then we headed west to Kaanapali to meet up with my friend Arika, but on the way Mel took us to this amazing little pie shop off the side of the road, Leoda's.  We had just eaten, but there's always room for pie.  

After we met up with Arika, she took us to this new hotel called The Montage, to find this cove where people like to cliff jump.  PS. This place had free valet, so definitely check this place out if you're ever in the area.  While we were following some of the local kids down a path to get to the main point we noticed a little trail to the right that seemed interesting, so we followed it and came across a private bay.  No seriously, all to ourselves ... we assumed someone else would come along but no one bothered us the entire time we were there.  We swam a little and explored the caves down there and of course took some photos.  Before finally getting to the popular swimming spot on the property.  

I met up with the Odette Ohana after we left the hotel, and took some photos at their beautiful home in Lahaina, then headed back to the hotel because they had loved the photos I had showed them of our adventure earlier that day.  I had the best time getting to know this beautiful family.   Here's a couple sneak peaks of our session. 

After meeting back up with the girls, they had indian food ordered and ready to eat for dinner as soon as I found them.  I wish I could go back and eat that right now, it was so good... indian food is by far our favorite.

One of the things we really wanted to do was go to Haleakula to watch the sunrise.  And while google maps told us it would only take an hour from Kihea, where we were staying... that was a lie.  Google maps only maps you to the main entrance which is about 30 min out from the lookout, and doesn't account for the wait you have to sit in when you get to the main entrance gate.  So we set our alarms for 3am, and successfully beat the sunrise by a few minutes.  It was cold and beautiful but no pictures can do justice to God's handiwork.  So most of these were taken after the sunrise, with the perfect morning 'golden hour' light... thankfully the girls remembered to bring their onesies, so we could take the most ridiculous photos possibly ever taken on Halekula. 

On our way down, a friend had commented on my Instagram (seriously what great technology) that they were in Maui as well, and invited us to come eat breakfast at our friend's home in Haiku.  So we traded in our complimentary continental breakfast for homemade french toast with macadamia nuts picked from their back yard & hangouts with these cute kids.  I think we got the better deal.

... followed by more onesie-ness.

We came back to our hotel exhausted, so we all took a nap before heading to the beach  to relax and catch the sunrise before heading back home.  We lucked out with the most amazing sunset that day!  I'm pretty sure there was a few days that week that just had killer sunsets, the kind that everyone posts pictures of all at the same time.  And that just keep getting better, even when you think you've seen the best of it.  Unfortunately, we couldn't stay to watch the whole thing or we would miss our plane home! so we hurried back to the airport in just enough time. literally less than 5 minutes before our rental car was due back, hah!

Thank you again Maui for the wonderful time, and thanks also the amazing friends I got to enjoy it with!